Catch the attention of the viewer on the Internet

86% of viewers use one or more additional screens while watching TV. Parallel on-line advertising on an additional device at the moment when a certain movie broadcast on TV, will allow the viewer to return to the brand, if he was distracted, or make the most of the interest generated by the offer you just saw.

Use the effect of TV in the period of maximum effect on the audience

The impact of television advertising on the consumer is maximum at the time of viewing and immediately after it, additional communication call to action at this very moment will significantly increase the conversion rate.

Convert someone else's TV advertising into your own traffic and sales on-line

TV advertising remains a tool, unsurpassed in breadth of coverage, depth of impact on the audience, but also in terms of the cost involved. With AdSwitcher you can take advantage of the prompting the power of television advertising paid for by other market players. Related to the content of the TV movie and with one-step online communication, you will direct the actions of consumers prepared by television advertising, to solve their own business problems. For example, offering at the time of broadcast product from the TV commercial It is in your store, or by submitting an alternative offer under your own brand.

AdSwitcher synchronizes digital campaigns with the target eventon TV

With the unique video recognition technology and the most extensive dashboard we can find the moment when a certain video is broadcast by the target region. AdSwitcher allows you to use this information in real time and give an automatic start on-line events exactly at the time of broadcast. All the necessary settings for such synchronization can be made. independently on-line, using a convenient WEB-interface. At the same time you do not need to specifically cook or upload videos, to the output of which AdSwitcher will have to react, you can find them by parameters in the video archive system. As a target TV event for AdSwitcher can act as one video, and a group of several videos, the broadcast of each of which will give a start digital campaigns.

Connect AdSwitcher

Google Online Campaigns


VKontakte Ads

Use the AdSwitcher features to fine-tune and optimize your SEA campaign. in Google, to provide your site with more prominent positions precisely when viewers are searching the web the proposal that they were just interested in TV advertising.

Enable automatic notifications on the launch of the target TV event in real time with AdSwitcher WebHooks. With appropriate settings, such notifications can trigger certain activity on your site. For example, initiate temporary changes to the main page to make The offer from the video is more noticeable and to simplify the work with the site to those users who will contact him by TV viewing results. It is also possible to configure on the site services that at the right moment with using Web-Hooks will start the mailings: e-mail, SMS, push-notifications or any other events.

If the viewer is distracted during a commercial break on social networking, a synchronous launch advertising on this site will allow you to manage its attention. You can duplicate your own ads. significantly increasing its effectiveness, or to provide its proposal an associative connection with another target video, which at this time is shown on TV for the same audience.