Monitor the performance of your TV campaigns

TV advertising remains the most costly media resource, accumulating about half of the advertising market in terms of money, and one of the most difficult to monitor and manage performance on the part of the advertiser. Up to 30% paid advertising on the regional air is broadcast with gross violations or does not go on the air at all. With Monitoring TV You will be able to protect your investment in TV advertising, getting timely information about the actual implementation campaigns and video verification of the violations found.

Watch for any brands advertising

In the TV Monitoring system you can get real-time on-line accurate data on any campaigns brand, currently implemented, including the current date of the appeal to the system. You will know for sure: in which regions, on which channels, with what frequency and with which video your competitors are advertised or partners.

Receive complete statistics and detailed reports on all advertising in your market

You can monitor not only the activity of a single player, but also be aware of the entire advertising space in any from 160 cities of monitoring. For example, you can objectively and accurately assess the current level of advertising noise for Your product according to media shows in support of other brands from your category. Or get complete data the structure of advertisers and the volume of their activity in the regions of interest.

TV monitoring around the clock and automatically analyzes the TV signal in 160 cities and 900 channels

The monitoring covers the largest panel of cities and TV channels in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. The data is updated in the system every day and around the clock in an automated on-line. mode with additional control of the operator service. Monitoring is carried out on the basis of a unique TAPe technology that allows you to recognize and identify video materials with maximum speed and accuracy directly at the time of the television broadcast. To use the TV Monitoring data, You do not need to provide sample video clips, just select the ones you are interested in. monitoring parameters in the system. For all TV events recorded by the monitoring system, there may be provided video confirmations.

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